1. Why use a decoction service?

Herbal decoction (liquid extraction) has traditionally been the preferred way for practitioners to prescribe herbs due to its ease of absorption over other forms.  Decoctions give higher potency than extracted granules/powdered herbs and not all herbs can be manufactured in extracted granule form.  By handling the cooking, we provide convenience to patients, which directly translates to better compliance and therapeutic outcomes.  With a professional decoction service, practitioners have peace of mind that their patients are taking decoctions that have been properly prepared.

2. What are the advantages of using River Order System (ROS)?

River Order System (ROS) allow users to:

3. How does it work?

a. Register as a practitioner on our on-line e-commerce platform, River Order System (ROS).

b. Practitioner inputs prescription information into ROS.

c. Patient receives notification of the prescription via e-mail.

d. Patient pays for the order on-line and receives an on-line receipt.

e. River Herbs dispenses and/or decocts the herbal prescription.

f.  River Herbs packages and ships to either patient or practitioner.

g. The recipient receives tracking number sent via e-mail.

h. Package delivered.  

4. How long does it take and what’s the shipping cost?

Allow 1 day for processing/decoction, plus Canada Post’s delivery time, which varies depending on location.  According to Canada Post, usually Local – 1 day, Regional – 1 up to 3 days, National – 2 up to 7 days.  The recipient is able to track their shipment via Canada Post from ROS.  Free shipping for decoction orders within Ontario ($12 surcharge for all other national orders).

5. Do you accept off-line orders? Phone in, email or fax?

Yes we do.  However it’s discouraged as errors are more likely to occur when communicating the names of herbs via phone or from handwriting via fax.  We strongly encourage on-line orders.

Please call us at (905)305-6868 for details.

6. I already have a prescription, can you fill it and cook it for me?

Yes. Please bring your own formula to our practitioners to verify if we carry the herbs in your prescription and to double-check that the dosages are within safety range.  Please call us at (905)305-6868 for details.

7. Will chemicals leech from the packaging into the medicine?

No.  Our heat-resistant retort packaging is BPA-free and approved for food contact by Canadian and US food safety agencies (Governmental guideline do not allow us to state the name of the agencies due to the concern that they would appear to be promoting certain products, company or its packaging material).

8. What is the shelf life for decocted herbal medicine?

When kept at room temperature e.g. during transport, the decoction can be store at room temperature for 10 days.  Under refrigeration, they can be preserved from 30-45 days.

9. What happens if some of the herbs from my order are out of stock?

We will contact you to see if you prefer to substitute with a different herb or to have the order placed on hold until our new inventory arrives.  Once the item is back in stock it will be shipped out to you.