About our Product

We carry over 500 medicinal grade herbs. We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive product lines on the market, including 45+ varieties of certified organic herbs and 50+ varieties of PaoZhi modified herbs.  River Herbs is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality in herbal medicines. 

We carry Geo-authentic herbs. This means if the knowledge recorded in classical herbal texts state that specific herbs harvested from different geographic regions differ in their therapeutic effects, there are usually good reasons for that. Regions that are indigenous to the plant ensure the best possible natural growing climate and soil parameters, thereby producing herbs of the best quality. 

Our herbs are lab-test to be free of heavy metals, pesticides and sulphur. To put it simply, these dried herbs are the highest quality and safety in the entire history of traditional Chinese medicine. Herbs are cooked with sterile water filtered by reverse osmosis to USP standards. Absolutely no preservatives have been added to our herbs or packaging. Our heat-resistant retort packaging is BPA-free and approved by Canadian food safety agencies. 

We are proud to be an ecologically responsible company.  We source herbs that are harvested using environmentally sustainable methods whenever possible.  We do not carry medicinals derived from endangered species based on CITES recommendations.