We are a full-service TCM herbal medicine dispensary, located in the heart of Markham (Canada’s high-tech capital). Practitioners and patients can order custom formulas in dried or decoction format. We created our own web-based e-commerce platform, River Order System (ROS), to enable medical professionals the option of ordering and delivering custom formulas to and from anywhere in the world. As herbalists ourselves, ROS was specifically designed to ensure prescription writing and refilling is easy for the practitioner and convenient for their patients.


At River Herbs, herbs are cooked on-site in computerized stainless steel pressure cookers at 125 °C using sterile water that fulfill USP standards. After it is prepared, the medicinal liquid is packaged into retort pouches at high temperature, in a negative pressurized environment to prevent contamination.

PaoZhi (Processed Herbs)

River Herbs offers over 50 different PaoZhi (herbs that have been specifically processed in a traditional fashion in order to augment their therapeutic property). Processed at our in-house facility, our PaoZhi herbs are steamed, dry-fried, baked, or prepared with ginger juice, honey, salt, vinegar or grain alcohol. Our extensive PaoZhi selection offers practitioners even greater specificity when tailoring formulas to their patient's patterns.