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Quán Xiē 全蠍

Pharmaceutical name Scorpio scorpion, buthus “whole scorpion”
Category Extinguish Wind and Stop Tremors
Key Properties Strongly Extinguishes Liver Wind,
Stops Spasms and Pain
Properties Salty
Tropism LV
Actions & Indications 1) Extinguishes Wind and Stops Tremors & Convulsions
2) Tracks Down Wind, Unblocks Collaterals, & Stops Pain (migraine/Bi)
3) Attacks & Resolves Fire Toxicity and Dissipates Nodules
Dosages 2-4.5g decoctions
0.6-1g powdered & swallowed
Contraindications (TCM) In patterns of Blood Deficiency with Wind and during pregnancy
Always use with caution & never exceed recommended dosage
Contraindications (Western)
Chemical Composition Buthatoxin, trimethylamine, taurine, betaine
Pharmacological Effects • Antiseizure: administration in mice showed marked effectiveness in treating seizures artificially induced by caffeine and megimide
• Antiepileptic: in rats with artificially-induced epilepsy, intravenous injection effective in reducing severity and duration of epileptic episodes, and preventing recurrent incidences
• Cardiovascular: associated with positive inotropic effect and negative chronotropic effect; also has prolonged effect to reduce blood pressure
• Antineoplastic: has demonstrated preliminary preventative and treatment effectiveness against sarcoma in mice
Herb-Drug Interactions
Classical Formula(s)

Qian Zheng San (Lead to Symmetry Powder) 牽正散

Ding Xian Wan (delete Zhu Sha)(Arrest Seizures Pill) 定涎丸(減硃砂)

Zhi Jing San (Stop Spasms Powder) 止痙散


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