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Qin Jiao Bie Jia San (Large gentian and Soft-Shelled Turtle Shell Powder) 秦艽鱉甲散


Formula Type Formulas that Clear Heat
Diagnosis Pathogenic wind penetrating the interior w/pre-existing Yin deficiency
Action Enriches the Yin, nourishes the blood, clears heat, and alleviates steaming bone disorder
Indication Night sweats, emaciation, red lips and cheeks, afternoon fever, coughing w/sticky yellow sputum or blood-streaked sputum, heat in the five centers, steaming bone fever, exhaustion, red tongue w/little coating and faint, rapid pulse
Remarks This is wind consumption, also known as Liver consumption.

Chai Hu (Organic) (15 g)

Bie Jia (Granule) (1g Granule=1g Herbs) (15 g)

Di Gu Pi (tested) (15 g)

Qin Jiao (tested) (8 g)

Dang Gui (tested) (8 g)

Zhi Mu (8 g)

Qing Hao (Organic) (3 g)

Wu Mei (1 g)


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