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Qing Shu Yi Qi Tang (Clear Summerheat and Augment the Qi Decoction) 清暑益氣湯


Formula Type Formulas that Dispel Summerheat
Diagnosis Summerheat injuring the qi and fluids
Action Clears summerheat, augments the qi, nourishes the yin, and generates fluids
Indication Fever, profuse sweating, irritability, thirst, scanty and dark urine, fatigues limbs, shortness of breath, apathy, and a deficient, rapid pulse
Remarks Focuses on replenishing the fluids while clearing heat and augmenting the qi

Xi Yang Shen (6 g)

Mai Men Dong (tested) (9 g)

Dan Zhu Ye (tested) (6 g)

Zhi Mu (6 g)

Huang Lian (3 g)

Gan Cao (tested) (3 g)


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