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Qing Wei San (Clear the Stomach Powder) 清胃散


Formula Type Formulas that Clear Heat
Diagnosis Heat accumulation in the Stomach
Action Drains Stomach fire, cools blood, nourishes the Yin
Indication Toothache (especially when the pain extends into the head), facial swelling, fever, bad breath, dry mouth, red tongue w/little coating, slippery, large and rapid pulse
Remarks Also treats bleeding/sores of the gums, and swollen, painful tongue, lips, or jaw. Areas of pain respond favourably to cold and worsen w/heat.

Huang Lian (6 g)

Sheng Ma (tested) (6 g)

Mu Dan Pi (tested) (9 g)

Sheng Di Huang (tested) (12 g)

Dang Gui (tested) (12 g)


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