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Qing Wen Bai Du Yin (Xi Jiao substituted with Shui Niu Jiao) (Clear Epidemics and Overcome Toxicity Drink 清瘟敗毒飲


Formula Type Formulas that Clear Heat
Diagnosis Severe fire in the Qi and blood level
Action Clears heat, resolves toxicity, cools the blood, drains fire
Indication Intence fever, strong thirst, dry heaves, severe and stabbing headache, extreme irritability, scorched lips, dark-red tongue, rapid pulse that is either submerged and thin or floating and large
Remarks Severe cases may present w/delirious speech, rashes and nosebleed

Shi Gao (120 g)

Sheng Di Huang (tested) (15 g)

Huang Lian (12 g)

Shui Niu Jiao (30 g)

Zhi Zi (tested) (12 g)

Jie Geng (Organic) (9 g)

Huang Qin (Organic) (9 g)

Zhi Mu (12 g)

Chi Shao (Organic) (12 g)

Xuan Shen (Organic) (12 g)

Lian Qiao (tested) (12 g)

Dan Zhu Ye (tested) (6 g)

Gan Cao (tested) (6 g)

Mu Dan Pi (tested) (12 g)


This information is a reference tool for Chinese herbal studies. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please consult a primary health professional if you require health advisory.