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Si Miao Yong An Tang (Four-Valiant Decoction for Well-Being)四妙勇安湯


Formula Type Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores
Diagnosis Sloughing ulcer due to abstraction by fire toxin leading to stasis of blood in the sinews and blood vessels
Action Clears heat, resolves toxicity, nourishes the Yin, invigorates the blood, alleviates pain
Indication Ulcerated, nonhealing sores on a dark red, slightly swollen limp that is warm to the touch and extremely painful, along with fever, thirst, red tongue and rapid pulse
Remarks Combines a strategy of clearing heat and resolving toxicity with nourishing the Yin fluids and invigorating the blood

Xuan Shen (Organic) (90 g)

Dang Gui (60 g)

Gan Cao (30 g)


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