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Xiao Feng San (Eliminate Wind Powder) 消風散


Formula Type Formulas that Expel Wind
Diagnosis Wind-heat or wind-dampness invading the body and contending with preexisting D-H
Indication Weepy, itchy, red skin lesions over a large part of the bodyT; Yellow or white tongue coatingP; Forceful, floating & rapid
Remarks This is rash or damp rash,also applied topically

Jing Jie (9 g)

Fang Feng (untested) (9 g)

Niu Bang Zi (9 g)

Chan Tui (9 g)

Cang Zhu (9 g)

Ku Shen (9 g)

Mu Tong (Chuan) (Organic) (4.5 g)

Shi Gao (untested) (9 g)

Zhi Mu (untested) (9 g)

Sheng Di Huang (9 g)

Dang Gui (9 g)

Hei Zhi Ma (9 g)

Gan Cao (4.5 g)


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