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Xing Jun San (delete Niu Huang, She Xiang, Xiong Huang, Jin Bo) (Marching Powder) 行軍散(減牛黃,麝香,雄黃,金箔)


Formula Type Formulas that Clear Heat
Diagnosis Summer toxic and poisonous pathogens causing distention
Action Open orificesSeparate the turbidRelease toxins
Indication Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, stifling sensation, irritability as if dying, dizziness, vertigo, unconsciousness,T: Red, yellow greasy dirty coatingP: slippery or wiry
Remarks Also treat mouth ulcerations and throat pain. When used as eye drops, it can clear wind heat and growth in eyes.When used as nasal spray, can prevent epidemic pathogenic factors from invading the body

Zhen Zhu Mu (30 g)

Bing Pian (untested) (1 g)

Peng Sha (3 g)


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