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Yi Yi Fu Zi Bai Jiang San(Coix, Aconite Accesory root & Patrinia Powder) 薏苡附子敗醬散


Formula Type Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores
Diagnosis Intestinal abscess where pus is already formed
Action Expels pus, reduces abscesses, warms the Yang, disperses clumping
Indication Distention of the abdomen with dry skin, tightness and mass like appearance but softness on palpation, rapid pulse, despite the absence of fever
Remarks Focuses on clearing toxins while warming the Yang to successfully expel pus and reduce the abscess. Also for skin disorders

Fu Zi (Zhi) (untested) (9 g)

Bai Jiang Cao (Organic) (18 g)

Yi Yi Ren (Organic) (30 g)


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