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Bu Fei Tang (Tonify the Lungs Decoction) 補肺湯


Formula Type Formulas that Tonify
Diagnosis Lung Qi deficiency
Action Augments Qi and stabilizes the exterior
Indication Shortness of breath, spontaneous sweating, occasional chills and feverishness, coughing, wheezing. T: pale; P: frail or deficient and large
Remarks Cough may either be dry or productive; also used for chronic cough in older patients or in those weakened by another illness or medical treatment

Ren Shen (Organic) (Red) (9 g)

Huang Qi (24 g)

Shu Di Huang (tested) (24 g)

Zi Wan (tested) (9 g)

Sang Bai Pi (tested) (12 g)


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