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Da Bu Yin Wan (Great Tonify the Yin pill) 大補陰丸 (大补阴丸)


Formula Type Formulas that Tonify
Diagnosis Yin deficiency and flourishing fire
Action Enriches the yin and directs fire downward.
Indication Afternoon tidal fever, night sweats, spontaneous emissions, irritability, a sensation of heat and pain in the knees and legs. Tongue: red with little coatingPulse: rapid and forceful in the rear position
Remarks Focuses on causing the fire from deficiency to descend and less on tonifying

Shu Di Huang (tested) (18 g)

Gui Ban (Granule) (1g Granule=1g Herbs) (18 g)

Huang Bai (Yan Chao) (12 g)

Zhi Mu (Jiu Chao) (12 g)


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