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Ai Fu Nuan Gong Wan (Mugwort and Cyperus Pill to Warm the Palace) 艾附暖宮丸


Formula Type Formulas that Regulate Blood
Diagnosis Cold in the Womb
Action Warms the vessels, comforts the Womb, nourishes and invigorates the Blood
Indication Thin vaginal discharge, sallow and wan complexion, achy limbs, fatigue and lack of strength, reduced appetite, occasional abdominal pain, infertility
Remarks Also used for second- or third-trimester pregnancy with a cold, painful sensation in the lower abdomen, abdominal distention. T: pale with white coat

Ai Ye (9 g)

Xiang Fu (Cu Chao) (12 g)

Wu Zhu Yu (untested) (4.5 g)

Chuan Xiong (9 g)

Bai Shao (Jiu Chao) (15 g)

Hua Jiao (untested) (6 g)

Xu Duan (18 g)

Sheng Di Huang (Jiu Chao) (15 g)

Huang Qi (Organic) (15 g)

Rou Gui (4.5 g)


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