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Qian Jin Nei Tuo San (Powder to Support the Interior Worth a Thousand Gold Pieces) 千金内托散


Formula Type Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores
Diagnosis Toxic swellings in cases of deficiency and cold
Action Invigorates the blood, tonifies deficiency, expels foulness, generates new flesh
Indication Toxic swellings (Yin and Yang) in patients with deficient constitutions
Remarks Also used for inner and outer ear infections, swollen lymph nodes

Huang Qi (6 g)

Ren Shen (Organic) (Red) (6 g)

Dang Gui (tested) (6 g)

Chuan Xiong (tested) (3 g)

Fang Feng (3 g)

Jie Geng (Organic) (3 g)

Bai Zhi (tested) (3 g)

Hou Po (3 g)

Gan Cao (tested) (3 g)

Rou Gui (3 g)


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