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Qing Xin Li Ge Tang (Clear the Heart and Enable the Diaphragm Decoction) 清心利膈湯


Formula Type Formulas that Treat Abscesses and Sores
Diagnosis Lung Heat, Stomach Heat
Action Clears heat, resolves toxicity, unblocks the stool, benefits the throat
Indication Red, swollen, painful throat with difficulty swallowing, perhaps small pustules on tonsils, high fever, thirst with desire for cold drinks, bad breath, irritability, phlegm in throat, constipation. T: red with yellow coat; P: rapid, flooding
Remarks Also used for sores in the mouth or tongue; Contraindicated for pregnancy, nursing mothers; use with caution in young children, the debilitated, elderly or those with loose stools

Fang Feng (9 g)

Jing Jie (tested) (9 g)

Bo He (tested) (9 g)

Jie Geng (Organic) (9 g)

Huang Qin (Organic) (9 g)

Huang Lian (9 g)

Zhi Zi (tested) (5 g)

Lian Qiao (tested) (5 g)

Xuan Shen (Organic) (5 g)

Da Huang(tested) (5 g)

Mang Xiao (5 g)

Niu Bang Zi (Chao) (5 g)

Gan Cao (tested) (5 g)


This information is a reference tool for Chinese herbal studies. It is not intended to replace professional medical advice. Please consult a primary health professional if you require health advisory.