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Zhu Jing Wan (Preserve Vistas Pill) 駐景丸


Formula Type Formulas that Tonify
Diagnosis Liver and Kidney deficiency with some dampness
Action Tonifies and nourishes the Liver and Kidneys, enriches Yin, improves vision
Indication Diminished visual acuity and blurred vision that worsens with exertion and improves with rest, soreness and weakness of lower back and legs. P: thin, frail
Remarks Focuses on tonifying Kidneys below and draining pathogenic water from above

Tu Si Zi (15 g)

Shu Di Huang (tested) (30 g)

Che Qian Zi (Organic) (15 g)

Fu Ling (Organic) (15 g)

Shi Chang Pu (tested) (9 g)


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