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Gui Ling Gan Lu Yin (Cinnamon and Poria Sweet Dew Drink) 桂苓甘露飲


Formula Type Formulas that Dispel Summerheat
Diagnosis Summerheat with internal stagnation of water and dampness
Action Expels summerheat, clears heat, transforms the qi, and promotes the resolution of dampness
Indication Fever, headache, irritability, thirst, urinary difficulty with reduced urine, or in severe cases sudden turmoil disorder with abdominal fullness, pain, or stifling sensation
Remarks Also for vomiting, diarrhea, and fright wind in children caused by summerheat

Hua Shi (15 g)

Gan Cao (Zhi) (untested) (9 g)

Shi Gao (untested) (60 g)

Han Shui Shi (15 g)

Rou Gui (untested) (4.5 g)

Zhu Ling (12 g)

Fu Ling (Organic) (15 g)

Ze Xie (9 g)

Bai Zhu (Organic) (15 g)


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