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Mai Men Dong Tang (Ophiopogonis Decoction) 麥門冬湯


Formula Type Formulas that Treat Dryness
Diagnosis Heat from deficiency of the ST scorching the LU Yin (Upper andmiddle Jiao)
Indication Coughing up difficult to expectorate PH, spitting of saliva, wheezing, SOB, dry and uncomfortable throat, heat in the palms and solesT; Dry, red with little coatingP; Deficient and Thin
Remarks For insufficiency of either U or ST Yin

Mai Men Dong (tested) (60 g)

Ren Shen (Organic) (Red) (9 g)

Da Zao (4 g)

Gan Cao (tested) (6 g)

Ban Xia (Fa) (Organic) (9 g)


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