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Zi Xue Dan (delete She Xiang, Zhu Sha; Ling Yang Jiao substituted with Shui Niu Jiao) (Purple Snow Special Pill) 紫雪丹(減麝香,朱砂;羚羊角用水牛角代替)


Formula Type Formulas that Open the Sensory Orifices
Diagnosis Blazing heat sinking into the PC and generating internal movement of LV wind
Action Clears heat, opens the sensory orifices, controls spasms and convulsions, and extinguishes wind
Indication High fever, irritability, restlessness, delirious speech, impaired consciousness, muscle twitches, spasms, convulsions, thirst, dark urine, constipationT: scarlet-red with a dry, yw ct P: forceful, wiry and rapid
Remarks Also used for febrile convulsions in children.Focuses on clearing heat and extinguishing wind.

Shi Gao (60 g)

Han Shui Shi (15 g)

Hua Shi (tested) (15 g)

Shui Niu Jiao (30 g)

Xuan Shen (Organic) (15 g)

Ci Shi (tested) (30 g)

Sheng Ma (tested) (9 g)

Gan Cao (Zhi) (9 g)

Mu Xiang (tested) (9 g)

Ding Xiang (3 g)

Mang Xiao (18 g)


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