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Chuān Bèi Mǔ 川貝母

Pharmaceutical name Fritillariae cirrhosae BuIbus Sichuan fritillaria bulb, tendrilled fritillaria bulb, "shell mother from Sichuan"
Category Transform Phlegm Heat
Key Properties Cools, Moistens, Directs LU Qi & HT Fire Downward to Transform Phlegm,
Alleviate Cough, Relieve Constraint, and Disperse Clumped Phlegm Heat
Properties Bitter
Slightly Cold
Tropism HT, LU
Actions & Indications 1) Clears Heat and Transforms Phlegm (various cough)
2) Clears Heat and Dissipates Nodules (LU/Breast abscess)
Dosages 3-9g (3-6g ground, add to strained decoction)
Contraindications (TCM) Unsuitable for problems associated with cold-phlegm or damp-phlegm
Contraindications (Western)
Chemical Composition Chinpeimine, fritiminine, beilupeimine, sonpeimine, sipeimine, minpeimine, minpeiminine, verticine, verticinine, fritillarine, fritimine
Pharmacological Effects • Antitussive: marked antitussive effect in rats; maximum effect reached 30 minutes after oral administration of herbs, effect lasted up to 2 hours
• Expectorant: marked expectorant effect in mice; maximum effect reached 60 minutes after oral administration of herbs, lasted up to 2 hours
• Others: mild antihypertensive, spasmolytic, and muscle-relaxant effects
Herb-Drug Interactions • Incompatible with Fu Zi, Wu Tou, and Cao Wu
Classical Formula(s)

Ren Shen Ge Jie San (Ginseng and gecko powder) 人參蛤蚧散

Gan Lu Xiao Du Dan (Sweet Dew Special Pill to Eliminate Toxin) 甘露消毒丹

Qi Ge San (Open up the Diaphragm Powder) (deleted chu tou kang) 啟膈散 (減杵頭糠)

Bai He Gu Jin Tang (Lily bulb decoction to preserve the metal) 百合固金湯

Bao Chan Wu You Fang (Worry-Free Formula to Protect Birth) 保產無憂方

Bei Mu Gua Lou San (Frittilaria & Trichosanthes Fruit Powder) 貝母瓜蔞散

Ding Xian Wan (delete Zhu Sha)(Arrest Seizures Pill) 定涎丸(減硃砂)

Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang (Sargassum decoction for the Jade Flask) 海藻玉壺湯

Jiu Xian San (delete Mi Zhi Ying Su Ke) (Nine-Immortal Powder) 九仙散(減蜜製罌粟殼)

Ling Jiao Gou Teng Tang (Ling Yang Jiao substituted with Shui Niu Jiao (Antelope Horn and Unicaria Decoction)羚角鉤藤湯 (羚角钩藤汤)

Yang Yin Qing Fei Tang (Nourish the Yin and Clear the Lungs Decoction) 養陰清肺湯


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